Just my life in the up-side down world.

I Don't think there is much to say..... i'm Pretty Much an random Stressed out, Fangirly, Dorky, Teenage Girl?... nothing Less.....Probablly more thought.... Who know? :P





I can’t decide which is more awesome, that Peter Pan is taunting Darth Vader, or that the stormtroopers are wearing Mickey Mouse hats.

everything is awesome and nothing hurts

I think we’re forgetting that Darth Vader has a balloon.


There is a reason that place is The Happiest Place on Earth

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(( Don’t be sorry! XD Hope it was an awesome one!!! :D <3 ))


As far as I’m concerned this is witchcraft. Perfectly amazing!

Video Name: Miles - Jack Frost & Elsa

Made By: FrozenxFairytale

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMH7EqoSnKo

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